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    Our boats are made up by three large, roomy, modern and comfortable vessels which will meet the criteria of the most demanding divers within the areas of technical, recreational and professional diving.


    With 8 meters length and 3 meters beam, The Kraken is a boat, totally tailor made for diving. The lateral ladder and the uplifted tanks holder will make the experience of diving very pleasurable.


    Within the Ares, you are going to find the same conditions as the Kraken but with more space available. With 11.5 meters of length, it enables to hold comfortably 18 divers and not to be concerned about the space.


    In the Kaiser you will find the same amenities as in the Ares, but  with more space. With 15 m of length and 3,8 m of beam, they will allow you to carry an move around the equipment comfortably but which is more important to gear up with ease. It has 2 well crafted ladders adapted to the practice of diving.