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    Our project was born with an unflinching passion and love for diving from the more experience and reputable diving instructors from Cabo Palos. They are instructors from the most prestigious diving organizations such as: PADI, IANTD and CIMAS.







    Mangamar Dive Center is the newest diving center in Cabo of Palos and from the many years of experience acquired in the wonderful world of divining, thus we wanted to apply this experience to the diving center.

    Things such as: improve the wellness and comfortableness of the divers, better ways to carry the heavy gear to the boats, ample facilities as well as space to rinse the equipment, storage the gear, great locker rooms and even we have an electric car together with the usage of environmental friendly materials, to make everything much more comfortable for all divers

    Our main goal is our individual customized customer service, aided by a fully qualify committed team with great experience whom will make your stay in Cabo of Palos inside and outside the water a remarkable one.

    On the other hand, as Mar Balear, our brother-partner center, the intention is to remain open the entire year.

    Therefore, once we decided to start our project, the first thing that came to our mind was what type of diving center we would like to have and with which characteristics. Since we were present at the grand opening of The Mar Balear Diving Center in Palma de Mallorca and with great success from its beginnings, we had it so clear that we wanted a Diving Center as it. Mar Balear is managed by Oscar Espinosa and Maria March and together with the famous TV Host Jesus Calleja, hosting different episodes of Extreme Challenge Programs. Mangamar and Mar Balear has reached an agreement for closed ties and collaboration in order to improve of what it should be the way to managed and handle the recreational diving tourism industry in Spain.