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    If you like to view the bottom of the Ocean from the Surface, or just do something different and awesome with your friends, relatives, family and children; we will provide you with everything to undertake this new challenge: mask, tube, fins, wet suit with a well-trained guider to show you do discover all the marine life of Cabo Palos.

    Teck Diving

    You have already gotten several courses but you just want to try something new. You may like how we dive and you want to learn more. You have new goals to achieve like go to caves or reach bigger depths from 35 meters up to 120 meters to discover incredible ship-wrecks. You may try out your DIR configuration. You set up your new limits and we will establish the rest. We will train you with the guidelines of IANTD and we offer you to Essential Course up to Trainer Teck. Besides we offer any Discover Out Teck with Twin Tank, submarine scooters, side-mount and trimix.

    Discover Scuba

    Baptism at the sea is the first contact with the underwater world and you will experience, how we feel it ourselves, and likely you will learn to love it as we do. You will have new experiences such as breathing normally under the water, weightlessness, and it will give you the chance to see calmly, what´s going on under the water. In addition, You´ll have the opportunity to try out a real full scuba diving gear equipment make up of regulator, wet suit, BCD, mask and fins. A new world waits to be discovered to you always supervised by qualified instructors. Starting at 6 people, we have great rates for groups. Furthermore, if you are already a certified diver, you have the option to Discover Teck with Twin Tank, side-mount, trimix and submarine scooter.

    Personilized Custom-Made Diving

    We do adapt to the necessities or requirements of our customers and tailor-made programs for the most demanding divers. Some clients just want to dive normally and others want a more individualized treatment. You may request to do one course or dive with personalized attention, and our staff gladly will attend your petitions. At your convenience you have one instructor available for you and you just let us know in advance to be ready for you, the day, time and kind of service that you would like to have.
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